Second volunteer meet – round the corner

This post is targeted to all the registered volunteers for Intia-päivä – India day. In case you haven’t registered yet and would like to be a part of our volunteer force, please register yourself here.

Dear Volunteers,

Our India day team is thankful to all the volunteers and our regularly growing volunteer force. With every new addition to the group, it brings us one step nearer to the execution of the event. Its time now that we meet again and discuss the next steps. The next meeting date, time and venue will be announced soon. 

For those who haven’t yet, please join our Slack communication channel using this invitation link and please be active there; for example, please check your slack messages at least once a day and respond to any action items as soon as you can.

The agenda for our next meeting is going to be:

  1. Welcoming new members
  2. Discussing the practicalities of publicity and marketing plan
  3. Discussing the venue layout 
  4. Few other relevant topics. 

We look forward to stay connected with you and as promised earlier in this email, the date, time and venue  for the next meeting will be announced soon. Lets all prioritize to meet then and make India day a great success.

Thank you, 
India day team!

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