Second volunteer meeting – dates, agenda and venue

This post is targeted to all the registered volunteers for Intia-päivä – India day. In case you haven’t registered yet and would like to be a part of our volunteer force, please register yourself here.

Dear Volunteer,

We trust you are in good Summer Spirit. In case you are not, join our next Volunteer meet to raise your spirits and make India day a great success. In case you are already in good spirit; hey, join our meeting and share some of your energy with the rest of the team.

Meeting details: 

  • When: 18.07.2019
  • Where: Sello library, Leppävaarankatu 9, 02070 Espoo
  • What time: 4PM – 5PM

1. Briefing all the teams and individuals about their specific roles and responsibilities on India day (18th Aug) and a day prior to India day (17th Aug)
2. Forming teams to place India day posters around the Helsinki metropolitan area
3. Assigning new members to India day teams (Infrastructure team, Food & stalls/Activities team, Culture team and People management team) based on your interests, wishes and needs

As there is only a month to go for the big day, let us kick-start our work and execute the immediate action points that must be dealt in coming weeks. We hope that all of you can make it to the meeting. Please bring any of your interested friends along!

Once you reach Sello library, please give a call to one of our team members. Their contact information is given below:

  • Kiran – 0403699412
  • Sunil – 0505637624

See you in a week!

Thank you
India day team!

Second volunteer meet – round the corner

This post is targeted to all the registered volunteers for Intia-päivä – India day. In case you haven’t registered yet and would like to be a part of our volunteer force, please register yourself here.

Dear Volunteers,

Our India day team is thankful to all the volunteers and our regularly growing volunteer force. With every new addition to the group, it brings us one step nearer to the execution of the event. Its time now that we meet again and discuss the next steps. The next meeting date, time and venue will be announced soon. 

For those who haven’t yet, please join our Slack communication channel using this invitation link and please be active there; for example, please check your slack messages at least once a day and respond to any action items as soon as you can.

The agenda for our next meeting is going to be:

  1. Welcoming new members
  2. Discussing the practicalities of publicity and marketing plan
  3. Discussing the venue layout 
  4. Few other relevant topics. 

We look forward to stay connected with you and as promised earlier in this email, the date, time and venue  for the next meeting will be announced soon. Lets all prioritize to meet then and make India day a great success.

Thank you, 
India day team!

Summary – first volunteer meet

This post is targeted to all the registered volunteers for Intia-päivä – India day. In case you haven’t registered yet and would like to be a part of our volunteer force, please register yourself here.

Dear Volunteer,

Events are successful because of their large volunteer force. Our India day team is thankful to all of you who made to the meeting today at Sello library. Below are the excerpts from the meeting:

  • Team was divided into 4 small groups
    • Infrastructure team: Jamaar, Nandakumar, Nikhil, Krishna
    • Food & stalls team: Deepika, Manisha, Ramya, Krishnanand
    • Culture: Lien, Jiyo, Venkatesh, Aishwarya
    • People management: Janne, Steven, Alex
  • Kiran will introduce the volunteers from Food & stalls team and Culture team to respective management teams
  • Infrastructure team will meet in coming 2-3 weeks to kick start the event layout preparations and other related activities
  • People management team will join the Communications and PR team in a workshop and they will work together to promote the India day buzz in social network and otherwise

About Helsinki päivä 2019

  • India day team will procure flyers from Embassy and leave them at Ravintola India house in Forum, Kamppi. 
  • Volunteers should pick them up from the restaurant for public distribution at Kamppi shopping center and Railway station on Helsinki päivä evening.

Volunteers who were unable to join today, you are requested to prioritize the next meeting that will be scheduled towards the end of June and will be communicated as soon as possible. The next steps would be to join India Day slack channel. Click on this invitation link to join the workspace. Once you are there on slack, please join the #volunteering channel.

Lets get connected and try making India day a great success. 

Thank you, 
India day team!

Break the ice – volunteering!

This post is targeted to all the registered volunteers for Intia-päivä – India day. In case you haven’t registered yet and would like to be a part of our volunteer force, please register yourself here.

Dear Volunteer!

We thank you for your interest as a volunteer to Intia-päivä – India day 2019. Its time that we get to know each other, break the ice and start to work together as a team. In this context, we request you to reserve Friday (1700 – 1800) and Monday (1700 – 1800), when you and our team will meet at the Embassy of India in Kulosaari and we will discuss the next steps, sharing of responsibilities within a team and a lot more.

As a heads-up, our first task will be related to marketing of Intia-päivä – India day to the visitors of Helsinki-päivä 12.6. This will include distribution of flyers at major Helsinki päivä event venues on 12.06.

As the immediate next step, we will confirm you the date of our meeting (Fri or Mon) latest by Thursday evening (06.06) and we will look forward to see you then. Feel free to tag along a friend with you who would be interested in volunteering. This will make both, our and your task, a fun-filled thing to do.

And hey, in case this was a short notice, we already apologize for that. 

Thank you!
India day team. 

Invitation for stall applications

Intia-päivä or India Day is an annual mega event and a unique celebration of the culture and heritage of India, which will be showcased for Finnish communities, India community and several expats in Finland. The event is organized by Suomi Intia Seura ry, Embassy of India in Helsinki in collaboration with all registered Indian Associations in Finland.

There will be space at India Day in Kaisaniemi Park to set up stalls related to Indian culture, yoga, Ayurveda, cuisine, tourism and other aspects of Indian culture. We will provide an opportunity to market Indian textiles, handicrafts, jewellery and accessories, ayurvedic products and services, spices, snacks and other food items specific to India. Stalls will be for following categories:

  • Food
  • Yoga
  • Workshops for Children and families
  • Music & Films
  • Ayurveda
  • Travel, tourism, Airlines
  • Culture e.g. Henna, crafts, textiles, etc.
  • Others

The India day organizing team is seeking applications for stalls in different categories listed above and invites large and small businesses, organizations, restaurants both locally and further afield to help make a great atmosphere at Intia-päivä – India day 2019.

Facebook event page added

Intia-päivä – India day is one of the leading Indian culture showcase in the Nordics. During this weekend (06-07 April), the Facebook event page for the celebration was made public. Welcome!

Event link:

Join us in celebrating India Day on Sunday 18th of August 2019 10-18 on Kaisaniemi Field! (alempana suomenkielinen tapahtumakuvaus)

Intia-päivä or India Day is a mega event and a unique celebration of Indian culture, yoga, ayurveda, cuisine, film, tourism and the rich heritage of India in the heart of Helsinki. Organized by Suomi Intia Seura ry, Embassy of India in Helsinki and Indian regional associations in Finland, the event brings together the Finnish and Indian communities living in Finland to celebrate the spirit of living and working together.

Save the date and invite your friends!

Programme will be updated.



Tervetuloa juhlimaan kanssamme Intia-päivää sunnuntaina 18.8.2019 klo 10-18 Kaisaniemen kentälle!

Intia-päivä eli India Day on megatapahtuma ja ainutlaatuinen juhla intialaiselle kulttuurille, ruualle, joogalle, ayurvedalle, elokuville, turismille ja kulttuuriperinnölle Helsingin sydämessä. Tapahtumaa järjestävät Suomi-Intia seura ry, Intian suurlähetystö Helsingissä ja intialaiset alueelliset järjestöt Suomessa. Tapahtuma tuo yhteen suomalaiset ja intialaiset yhteisöt juhlistamaan yhdessäolon riemua!

Tule mukaan ja kutsu ystäväsi!

Ohjelma päivittyy myöhemmin, mutta ota päivä talteen!


#intiapaiva2019#intiapaiva #joinmeatindiaday

Hello world!

Hello from India Day team. It was in the winters of 2015-2016, when the concept of India Day was proposed by Indians living in Finland to the Embassy of India in Helsinki. It all started with a proposal of having a 2 hour seminar, presenting handy facts about India, showing tourism related videos and then, having a cup of “Indian Chai” to end the celebration. By the end of the meeting, it became a “unique celebration of Indian Culture, Food, Tourism, Bollywood and everything Indian in the heart of Helsinki”.

Founded in 2016, the first India Day team was lead by Mr. Sunil Baweja and comprised of Finnish and Indian nationals, regional associations and personnel from Embassy of India.

Mr. Amardeep Singh Bassi from Punjab Cultural Society was appointed the first President of the team which had the following key members: Adity Kochhar, Aseem Shakuntal, Ashu Patpatia, Gopinath Subramaniam, Gurvinder Singh Sidhu, Jickson Simon, Markku Lemmetty, Ramesh Naidu, Shameer Kandathil, Shefali Arora, Sunil Sadhana.

The first event saw a gathering of more than 4000 visitors at Kaapelitehdas, the Cable Factory in Helsinki. Since then, there has been no looking back. This year in 2019, we are celebrating the fourth edition of India Day and are also taking this opportunity to launch our website ( and blog (

We invite all Indians and friends of India living in Finland to come together and make this celebration of togetherness, a great success. Looking forward to see everyone at Kaisaniemi Park on Aug 18th, 2019.