Break the ice – volunteering!

This post is targeted to all the registered volunteers for Intia-päivä – India day. In case you haven’t registered yet and would like to be a part of our volunteer force, please register yourself here.

Dear Volunteer!

We thank you for your interest as a volunteer to Intia-päivä – India day 2019. Its time that we get to know each other, break the ice and start to work together as a team. In this context, we request you to reserve Friday (1700 – 1800) and Monday (1700 – 1800), when you and our team will meet at the Embassy of India in Kulosaari and we will discuss the next steps, sharing of responsibilities within a team and a lot more.

As a heads-up, our first task will be related to marketing of Intia-päivä – India day to the visitors of Helsinki-päivä 12.6. This will include distribution of flyers at major Helsinki päivä event venues on 12.06.

As the immediate next step, we will confirm you the date of our meeting (Fri or Mon) latest by Thursday evening (06.06) and we will look forward to see you then. Feel free to tag along a friend with you who would be interested in volunteering. This will make both, our and your task, a fun-filled thing to do.

And hey, in case this was a short notice, we already apologize for that. 

Thank you!
India day team. 

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