These are the Terms and Conditions …

… for all stall holders who are attending India Day 2019 held on 18th August, 2019 at Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki. The event is hosted by Suomi Intia Seura ry in association with Embassy of India in Helsinki and various Indian regional associations registered in Finland [and now known as the organizer (s) of the event and collectively referred as India Day Organizing Committee].


  • Stall holder OR Stall owner refers to any large or small business or organization or person or group of person; that has requested to be a part of India Day 2019 by renting (or booking) a stall space at the event premises.
  • Organizing committee refers to the group of people from Suomi Intia Seura ry, Embassy of India in Helsinki and various Indian regional associations who have come together to make India Day a great success.
  • Business day refers to a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday when the banks in Helsinki are open for business.
  • Approval date or confirmation date refers to the date on which an email confirming the stall’s booking has been sent by the Organizing committee and received by the stall owner.
  • Event day refers to as the day “Sunday, August 18, 2019” when Intia-päivä – India day is celebrated in Kaisaniemi Park.
  • Event timing refers to as the time between 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM on August 18, 2019 when Kaisaniemi Park is open for guests to celebrate Intia-päivä – India day 2019.
  • Stall categories refers to the following areas or domains under which a stall can be setup at Intia-päivä – India day.
    • Food
    • Yoga
    • Workshops (for children and families)
    • Music & Films
    • Ayurveda
    • Travel, tourism and airlines
    • Culture (e.g. henna, crafts, textiles)
    • Other (e.g. pop-up store or product demo booth)
  • Stall sizes refers to as the size of stalls that are available for procurement and are hereby defined to be available in following sizes:
    • 4 x 4 meters
    • 2 x 4 meters [shared stall, occupied by max 2 stall owners]
  • Stall facilities refers to as the basic minimum infrastructure provided by the Organizing team to the stall vendor to support the stall setup at the event and are hereby defined to be the following:
    • 4 x 4 tent (for 4x4m stall) covered by 3 sides
    • 2 chairs
    • 2 tables
    • Standard electricity connection (230v, 50hz)
    • Shared power outlet(s)
  • Stall prices refers to as the price the stall vendor must pay to secure the stall at the event and is hereby defined as following:
Size Price (€) Category Who can apply
FoodProfessional caterers or Restaurants
600**Food (truck)Professional caterers or Restaurants who
own a food truck and relevant licence
4×4600**Any except foodFor e.g., Corporate houses, Businesses,
Organizations, Associations
2×4300Any except foodFor e.g., Corporate houses, Businesses,
Organizations, Associations
Any250AnyIndian regional associations registered
in Finland

**(Early bird discount): Stalls priced 1200 € and 600 € are also offered under an “Early bird discount” at price of 1000 € and 500 € respectively. Please note, this discount is valid only for FIRST FIVE STALL APPLICATIONS that happen on or before 30th April 2019.


  • All stallholders must submit an application through our website and the application must be approved by the organizing committee in order to have a stall at the event.
  • To avail the “Early bird discount” the stall application must be submitted no later than 30th April, 2019.
  • Final deadline for accepting any stall applications is 15th May 2019; after which no new requests will be entertained.
  • The stalls will be allotted based on evaluation criteria and first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The evaluation criteria will include (but not limited to):
    • How is your stall’s theme associated with India and Indian culture
    • What unique value would your stall bring to Intia-päivä – India day 2019
    • Your proposed stall setup (within the stall size) together with the equipment that you plan to use at the event
  • The final and approved list of stalls will be announced on 15th June 2019.
  • Any cancellations made towards the stall booking will be governed by the Cancellation policy mention in this document.
  • The event date has been reserved and confirmed by the City of Helsinki and a week before the event, the Organizing team will monitor the weather forecast. However, the event will take place regardless of the weather conditions, as a stall owner, its your sole responsibility to keep a track of the weather and prepare your stall accordingly.
  • As a stall owner, you are completely responsible for satisfying all licence and tax compliance, related to all transactions that take place in your stall.
  • Each stall registration with the event is non-transferable. Stallholder may not sublet or share their booth or any part thereof. Violations of any of these guidelines will result in stallholder being asked to leave the event and forfeit all fees paid.
  • The event infrastructure team will guide and provide overall direction for setup of your stall and all relevant coordination.
  • All the stalls must be setup between 17.08.2019 18:00 hrs and 18.08.2019 – 09:00 hrs
  • As a stall owner, you have to ensure that your stall is operational before doors open for the event, which is at 10:00 AM on 18.08.2019.
  • As a stall owner, you must inform to the Organizing committee what equipment you plan to use at the stall, together with any specific electricity requirement (s) or any other requirement (s) which will be an important criteria towards approval of your stall.
  • Once the stall is approved, the stallholder or stall owner is obliged to make payment towards renting of the stall as per the Payment policy mentioned in this document.
  • In case of any disputes or ties , the stall registered first will be given a preference for stall allotment. However, the Organizing team reserves the rights to take a final decision which is aimed for ensuring successful execution of the event and this decision shall be accepted by all the parties.
  • As a stall owner, you can apply for multiple stalls, all of which are subject to approval by the organizing team.
  • Indian associations registered in Finland will be restricted to own only one stall per association.
  • As a stall owner, you are expected to behave professionally and in a polite manner, in all your dealings with organizers, sponsors, participants and visitors. Violations of any of these guidelines will result in stall being shut and stallholders being asked to leave the event and forfeit all fees paid.
  • As a stall owner, you are expected to keep your stall clean and presentable for all visitors. You may do so by collecting all your garbage in a trash bin. Although the organizing team is responsible for cleaning the venue post event, the stall holders are equally responsible for removing garbage or waste pertaining to their stalls and putting them in trash bins.
  • Stall booking fee and payment policy:
    • The booking fee related to a specific stall in a specific category and size is defined in the Stall prices section above.
    • Once your stall has been approved, you must make the payment towards the booking within seven (07) business days of date of approval of your stall.
    • All the payments must be made to Suomi Intia Seura ry, the details of which (amount, bank account number, reference) will be sent to your registered email address only.
    • Failure in payment of stall booking fee will cause an automatic cancellation of your stall booking without any warning.
  • Cancellations policy related to your booking:
    • Full refund: Once approved, a stall can be cancelled within seven (07) business days of the approval date with Full refund of the booking fees.
    • No refund: Once approved, a stall can be cancelled any time before the event, however, no refund will be made towards the booking fee for all requests that have been made after seven (07) business days of the stall approval date.
    • All decisions made by the Organizing committee will be considered final and accepted by both the parties.
  • Terms specific to Food stalls:
    • All persons engaged at the stall must have a valid Hygiene certificate defined as per .
    • At any given time, there cannot be more than 03 (three) food-handlers inside the food stall.
    • The stall owner must declare the list of all the staff that will be engaged at the food stall during the event, no later than Aug 07, 2019.
    • A copy of Hygiene pass of all the stall that will be engaged at the food stall must be submitted to the organizing committee, no later than Aug 07, 2019.
    • The stall owner must declare the menu and prices of all the items they plan to sell in their stall together with important information related to food allergies, no later than Aug 07, 2019.
    • The stall owner and all the staff at the stall must ensure that all the Food Hygiene guidelines given by Evira are followed.
    • In case you are cooking at your stall using a FIRE STOVE, you must bring a FIRE EXTINGUISHER and keep it handy and easy to reach within your stall.
    • The stall owner must submit during the application process, a proposed stall setup along with the equipment they plan to use at the event. This information will be carefully reviewed by the Organizing committee before a stall is approved.
    • All persons engaged in the preparation, sale of food shall: war clean and appropriate clothing; ensure that they keep themselves and their work area clean; keep their long hair tied back all the time; ensure that their hands are clean, before commencing or resuming work and after visiting sanitary convenience, smoking, handkerchief or nasal tissue.
    • Smoking is not allowed at any place near to the food stalls or vans.
    • Food must not be stored on the ground but on an elevated platform and the stall owner must bring any such platform for storage of food.
    • All food must be, at all the times, protected from all sorts of contamination by dust, flies, vermin, breath or handling.
    • The stall owner is responsible for bringing their own heating or cooling equipment that they want to use at the stall and must inform the Organizing committee about any specific electricity requirements. In case the equipment needs special electricity than the one being provided at the event, the stall owner must pay for the usage of special electricity at their stall.
    • The stall owner is responsible for bringing all items needed for serving food including plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins etc.
    • The stall owner is responsible for making sure that the menu and prices agreed with the team shall not be changed. Any major or not agreed or not informed changes may result in stall holders being asked to leave the event and forfeit all the fees paid.
    • The stall owner is responsible to maintain an accurate and updated list of their staff engaged at the stall to assist the investigators in the event of a food-borne illness outbreak.
    • All garbage should be disposed in garbage cans only. The stall owner is expected to bring their own garbage bins to manage the garbage and waste items from their stall. The Organizing team will only arrange garbage cans at specific locations at the event venue.
    • As a food stall owner, you must make your own arrangements to provide water to visitors or customers at your stall.
    • As a food stall owner, you must make sure that no food is cooked, displayed or sold outside of your food tent.
    • Food trucks at the event, if any; will be assigned locations closer to entry and exit of the venue for ease of movement.
    • Food trucks at the event, if any; must abide all the rules and regulations followed by the food stalls.
    • Food trucks at the event, if any; will also go through the standard registration process just like any other stall at the event.

The India Day Organizing Committee will review and update these terms from time to time. All changes thereafter will be made available on this website and at this link [] which is why we encourage you to frequently check this page for any changes to it. Please note, all changes hereto will not prejudice your rights without your consent. The Organizing Committee will inform you of any material changes by sending an email or other such applicable way.