Just as the dark winters bid adieu to Finland and spring is amidst, the air is filled with hope and happiness as we await summer this year with the biggest cultural celebration of 2021.  Yes! It is time for the fifth edition of India Day to be held this year in August at Rautetientori (in the heart of Helsinki), a massive space overflowing with the creativity of artists coming forward to showcase their talent and culture from different parts of India. From the music and dance to the intricately gorgeous stalls, the celebration invites all the people of Finland to be part of this vibrant and cultural experience.

Image Courtesy: Sudhanshu Verma

If you have ever seen Indian cinema, you would know how the Indians love music and dance and calling these an important part of any kind of Indian celebration would be an understatement!. Indian music, dance, art, and food are as diverse as our culture and, are two worlds apart between the North and South. With a population so proud of its diversity, it is only right that this celebration has stalls from different regions of India that are intricately decorated and ethnically showcases the crafts and food from various states of India. We also invite you to embark on this gastronomic adventure with your family and friends, where you savour the bits and bites from all over India.

This year we celebrate India @75 where we are counting down to India’s 75th year of independence. India is also one of the fastest developing countries economically and this India Day celebration is organized annually with Indian Embassy, Suomi-Intia-Seura ry, and other Indian regional associations to not only showcase Indian art and culture but importantly, to highlight the Indo-Finnish friendship and strong business relations. Finland is becoming an internationally attractive place to work, carry out research,  and invest. In recent years, bilateral relations have increased and acquired diversity with more than 100 Finnish companies operating in India.  India day is a mega event bringing the Finnish and Indian communities even closer and for Finnish businesses to explore areas to partner in the Indian market. India Day platform will offer Finnish companies a chance to explore investment, recruit talent and drive company growth and innovation in Finland.  Be a part of our story this year!

One of the best ways for you to know more about India is to experience India Day’s visually stunning celebration where we guarantee a great atmosphere, delicious food, of course, and where you can groove to the music while you witness the magical journey happening right in front of your eyes!. We can call it sort of a travel experience without having to necessary travel during these uncertain times!. Come and explore the land of India on India Day, this August 2021!

This event will follow the official Covid-19 regulations and recommendations owing to the ongoing situation and adhere to specific measures drawn up in cooperation with the authorities to ensure the safety for all!

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Intia-päivä – India day is one of the leading Indian culture showcase in the Nordics. During this weekend (06-07 April), the Facebook event page for the celebration was made public. Welcome!

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Join us in celebrating India Day on Sunday 18th of August 2019 10-18 on Kaisaniemi Field! (alempana suomenkielinen tapahtumakuvaus)

Intia-päivä or India Day is a mega event and a unique celebration of Indian culture, yoga, ayurveda, cuisine, film, tourism and the rich heritage of India in the heart of Helsinki. Organized by Suomi Intia Seura ry, Embassy of India in Helsinki and Indian regional associations in Finland, the event brings together the Finnish and Indian communities living in Finland to celebrate the spirit of living and working together.

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Tervetuloa juhlimaan kanssamme Intia-päivää sunnuntaina 18.8.2019 klo 10-18 Kaisaniemen kentälle!

Intia-päivä eli India Day on megatapahtuma ja ainutlaatuinen juhla intialaiselle kulttuurille, ruualle, joogalle, ayurvedalle, elokuville, turismille ja kulttuuriperinnölle Helsingin sydämessä. Tapahtumaa järjestävät Suomi-Intia seura ry, Intian suurlähetystö Helsingissä ja intialaiset alueelliset järjestöt Suomessa. Tapahtuma tuo yhteen suomalaiset ja intialaiset yhteisöt juhlistamaan yhdessäolon riemua!

Tule mukaan ja kutsu ystäväsi!

Ohjelma päivittyy myöhemmin, mutta ota päivä talteen!


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Hello world!

Hello from India Day team. It was in the winters of 2015-2016, when the concept of India Day was proposed by Indians living in Finland to the Embassy of India in Helsinki. It all started with a proposal of having a 2 hour seminar, presenting handy facts about India, showing tourism related videos and then, having a cup of “Indian Chai” to end the celebration. By the end of the meeting, it became a “unique celebration of Indian Culture, Food, Tourism, Bollywood and everything Indian in the heart of Helsinki”.

Founded in 2016, the first India Day team was lead by Mr. Sunil Baweja and comprised of Finnish and Indian nationals, regional associations and personnel from Embassy of India.

Mr. Amardeep Singh Bassi from Punjab Cultural Society was appointed the first President of the team which had the following key members: Adity Kochhar, Aseem Shakuntal, Ashu Patpatia, Gopinath Subramaniam, Gurvinder Singh Sidhu, Jickson Simon, Markku Lemmetty, Ramesh Naidu, Shameer Kandathil, Shefali Arora, Sunil Sadhana.

The first event saw a gathering of more than 4000 visitors at Kaapelitehdas, the Cable Factory in Helsinki. Since then, there has been no looking back. This year in 2019, we are celebrating the fourth edition of India Day and are also taking this opportunity to launch our website ( and blog (

We invite all Indians and friends of India living in Finland to come together and make this celebration of togetherness, a great success. Looking forward to see everyone at Kaisaniemi Park on Aug 18th, 2019.