Guidelines – social media posts

This pages talks about the guidelines all the India day teams should follow to have their content (or updates) pushed through the social media handles of India day. This happens in slack and hence, as a team member, you should have access to slack. In case you do not have, please send an email to with a reason why you should get access to slack channel. The purpose of these guidelines is to collect all the content at one place (and hence, not miss any of them). Please note, sending an email or a text otherwise to the team member for any social media posts will not be encouraged. Just go by the steps given below:

  • You are a member of India day slack
  • You have access to #social-content channel
  • Send a message with the content of your post. Attach images or URLs if necessary. The format of the post is given below:
@channel: <facebook / twitter / instagram / blog> 
=> use multiple if reqd.

<content for your social media post with
appropriate text, images, youtube url>

Send the above message to the channel and the social media / communications team will get on it as soon as possible. Once this is published or scheduled, we will add a comment to the post with the updates. Please try to be precise and avoid multiple messages for single post.

Thank you, your friendly neighborhood spider man.