With successful 4 editions under their name, India Day is one of the biggest cultural celebrations in Finland. The India Day festival is back this August with bigger productions and a stunning backdrop featuring a lineup of musicians and dancers paying tribute to Indian music, classical dance, and heritage forms. It is no news that Indians love celebrating with music and dance whether it be welcoming the spring or rain, harvesting of crops to seeing the full moon, every single occasion turns into a joyful celebration with splashes of colors, songs, and dance! 

In addition to famous Bollywood dance that has gained global mass appeal. here are some facts you may not be aware of, like the “Raga” the scale of notes and comprising of the 100 different melodies is one of India’s biggest contribution to the music world. Another amazing fact is that all traditional dances of India uses the body as the medium of communication to express the dance forms structured around the nine emotions: happiness (hasya), sorrow (shoka), anger (krodha), compassion (karuna), disgust (bhibasta), wonder (adhbhuta), fear (bhaya), courage (viram) and serenity (shanta). With a fine fusion of traditional folk and modern music, India day welcomes you with contemporary performances, spectacular dances, catchy tunes, bright lights, and a mood-lifting ambiance.

If you are willing to lose yourself in the rhythm, the India Day fest is the “must” place for you.

This year, the festival is jointly organized by Suomi -Intia- Seura ry, the Indian Embassy, and the Indian community with its various associations to promote a universal message of “Unity in Diversity” which will be conveyed in the language of this year’s art, music and dance. Each year several themes determine the design of the stage and compliment the lineup of music and dance and this year, is no different. Never have been lives of communities and gatherings been affected at the greater pace and speed of the previous year. This year, the “Living in uncertain times” theme talks about climate change and dealing with the pandemic during the COVID-era. This year, apart from Unity, we will focus on “India in Finland”, “Regional Festivals”, “Gratitude” celebrating the friendship between two countries throughout the years, and the “Vision for better India” focusing on women empowerment and digital advancement for the better future. This year, India day hopes to bring together the Indian and Finnish communities to share in something much greater and make healing connections with the thriving traditions of music, dance, and friendship. 

If you are a music enthusiast or with, just an intention to spend the best moments of your life grooving to the beat of the happiest people, mark your attendance for this year’s India Day fest on Sunday 22nd August 2021 at Rautatientori, the heart of Helsinki! We hope to have all dancers and associations join us for this adventure!

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